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Worksmart Systems Introduction to Lean Manufacturing


Custom Application Video Gallery

Collection of videos showing custom applications using the Worksmart Systems® Lean Manufacturing Cells. See All videos.

Custom Applications using Worksmart Lean Manufacturing Cells

Lean Manufacturing & Assembly Line Workstations

World Class Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing, Continuous Improvement, Increased Productivity, JIT Manufacturing, 6 Sigma Solutions, Return on Investment…these are only a few of the many concepts towards which all manufacturers are striving for in today's global marketplace.

Responding to these pressures, Worksmart Systems has developed an ergonomic, efficient, hybrid approach to old traditional production cornerstones: the assembly workbench and the assembly line. Our Fleximate® Integrated assembly systems provide you with unprecedented lean manufacturing flexibility now and in the future. These systems enable you to eliminate waste, prevent defects, and improve your line efficiency. Worksmart can provide the tools you need to reach your six sigma lean manufacturing goals.

Custom Modular Assembly Cell

Worksmart Systems' Fleximate® assembly cells and workstations provide a unique blend of modular components precisely integrated into an ergonomically designed conveyor line that's constructed of light weight, high strength, anodized aluminum tubing and joined by glass filled, polycarbonate fittings. Individual Fleximate® workstations are joined together to create optimized assembly cells. Work in process flows through manufacturing on Fleximate® pallet. For maximum quality, the pallets are worker-paced. These cells can easily be customized specifically for lean manufacturing. For the ultimate in simplicity and convenience, our entire system is designed to be assembled or modified with only one tool…a 3/16" Hex Key.

Please click on the play icon to see Worksmart Systems' Fleximate modular assembly cell in action. We have created a custom lean assembly cell featuring five ergonomic workstations linked together for efficient ,single unit ,production flow. A unique feature is the custom overhead track for empty pallet return to the head of the cell.




Straight line cell with lift elevator #50001 at head of the line. End of straight line cell showing lowering end elevator. Note integrated point of use Quixxsmart Flow Rack on right.



Close up of Fleximate® integrated station used to assemble variable speed drive subassembly. Cell ends at point of use on main assembly line. Three person L shaped cell with 18" wide track with return.